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These last two years have been a journey of experimentation with materials and techniques and a time of consolidation of ideas and content.  The "Plexiglass - White Series " that made up the majority of the work in my 2023 show, represents this journey.


Starting from placing a discarded piece of plexiglass in front of an existing image, the work evolved and became more layered. Themes and ways of working that I have sought to articulate and understand as somehow essential to my workmatured and coalesced.

The works are essentially portraits, but not of a specific individual. Faces appear across multiple works, sometimes shifting male to female, young to old or simply reappearing in a new context. Taken from drawings done without models, they are further distanced from the specific by years and multiple reproductions.  I have sought to eliminate narrative cues or decorative elements.  To reveal and communicate with minimal information, a part of the character that is more permanent, centered and not informed by transient details. 


In many pieces the undefined space around the figure is expanded by adding a second panel creating a diptych. This new panel, although also devoid of horizon or ground lines, becomes an important element helping to define and empower the figure.


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